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The Oral Cancer Foundation’s Founder, Brian R. Hill, honored by the Global Oral Cancer Forum

The GOCF organizers and community awarded Hill the 2016 Global Oral Cancer Forum Commitment, Courage and Innovation Leadership Award for his dedication and contributions to the field of oral cancer over the last 18 years.

The Oral Cancer Foundation and Cody Kiser Partner Up Against Tobacco at Snake River Stampede Rodeo

Rodeo Cowboy Cody Kiser steps up as the new spokesperson and role model for The Oral Cancer Foundation

Oral Cancer Foundation Sponsors 15th Annual Oral Cancer Awareness Month in April 2014

April 1 kicks off the start of Oral Cancer Awareness Month. For the 15th year in a row, the Oral Cancer Foundation (OCF) is leading a national awareness effort by encouraging dental practices across the United States to offer free oral cancer screenings to people in their communities during the month of April.

Oral Cancer Foundation a Major Sponsor of the World Workshop on Oral Medicine

The Oral Cancer Foundation recently co-sponsored the World Workshop on Oral Medicine in London, England.

The Oral Cancer Foundation Honored as 2013 Top-Rated Nonprofit

New Award is Based on Positive Online Reviews

Oral Cancer Foundation Sponsors 14th Annual Oral Cancer Awareness Month in April 2013

Organization encouraging dental professionals to offer free screenings to the public

The Oral Cancer Foundation Honored as 2012 Top-Rated Nonprofit

The Oral Cancer Foundation announced today that it has been honored with a prestigious 2012 Top-Rated Award by GreatNonprofits

Actor Michael Douglas Partners With Oral Cancer Foundation For Early Detection PSA Campaign

Actor and producer Michael Douglas has donated his time to help create a television public service announcement (PSA) on behalf of the Oral Cancer Foundation (OCF), a non-profit organization dedicated to helping those affected by the disease.

Oral Cancer Foundation breaks records in April's awareness and screening month

This year the combination of unprecedented efforts by the relatively small, nonprofit Oral Cancer Foundation, a coalition of strategic partners they formed, and a dose of celebrity power, created what might be called a perfect storm; and one that potentially will change public awareness of one of the few cancers that is actually increasing in incidence in the U.S.

HPV Now the Leading Cause of Oral Cancers in the US

Dentists nationwide partner with The Oral Cancer Foundation to raise awareness.

Oral Cancer Foundation Founder Named Survivor Circle Award winner

OCF Founder Brian Hill is recognized by the American Academy of Radiation Treating Oncologists (ASTRO) for his public service work over the last decade at their annual meeting. Award presented to Hill by ASTRO’s President, Dr. Kian Ang from MD Anderson Cancer Center, who Hill credits with saving his life a decade before.

OCF Oral Cancer Support Group the World’s Largest.

With a reach from Australia, the UK, to India, and the US, the Oral Cancer Foundations’ support group consists of patients, family members, and survivors who pull together, helping each other through the difficult journey. While helping tens of thousands over the last decade, the group showcases the foundation’s ability to embrace technology and social media to achieve large goals on its small budget.

OCF Teams Blythe Paltrow to Talk About the Early Detection of Oral Cancer on National TV Spots.

Actress Blythe Danner, a star in the new Showtime television series "Huff" and widow of the late producer/director Bruce Paltrow, recently donated her time to create a television public service announcement on behalf of the Oral Cancer Foundation, a non- profit organization that promotes annual screenings and early detection to reduce the death rate from the disease that claimed her husband in 2002. The PSAs will begin airing on television stations nationwide in October and November.

Oral Cancer Foundation Combines Guerilla Marketing with Tech Savvy for Public Good

OCF is the first non-profit to use a new smart phone technology, QR codes (Quick Response) to spread a public service message. At the US Open Surfing Championships which attracted 500,000 spectators, teams from the foundation spent three days in the crowd spreading temporary body tattoos, T-shirts, and more with a unique symbol that when read by any smart phone, takes the user to information about the HPV virus and the current spread of them which causes oral cancers. OCF QR symbol and message spends a day on giant NYC Times Square electronic billboard.

Hundreds of Chattanooga Residents Join Together to Support Oral Cancer Survivor and Raise Awareness

Oral Cancer Survivor Jeanna Richelson partners with OCF to raise awareness, and offer free screenings. What started out as a small screening event is embraced by numerous community sponsors that turn it into a major city event. From electronic billboard signs on the freeways, to merchants putting up posters, the city finds a passion for a cause.

Media Guru Showcases the Oral Cancer Foundation as a Leader in Using the New Trends in Social Media for Public Good

OCF’s early adoption of, and ability to harness social media venues like Facebook, My Space, and YouTube, combined with a robust use of the Internet and mobile technologies, receives praise from highly regarded authority on these mediums.

New York University Benefits the Environment and the Oral Cancer Foundation. A cell phone recycling effort run by NYU’s student body raises funds for the foundation.

Long-Term Relationship Between HPV Researcher Dr. Maura Gillison and OCF yields tangible benefits.

In 1999 a relationship was struck between OCF founder, Brian Hill and a young, unpublished researcher with an epiphany about a virus, Dr. Maura Gillison. A decade later, and many peer reviewed articles in prestigious journals such as The New England Journal of Medicine, The Journal of the National Cancer Institute, The Journal of Oncology and more, the work elucidates a new etiology for oral cancer, which changes the paradigm of the disease in the US. Besides co-funding much of the research, OCF is praised for seeing the research results reach the public general media, and most importantly the professional community outside of oncology who can implement the findings to reduce morbidity and death rates.

Oral Cancer Foundation Calls for FDA Authority Over Tobacco Marketers

The foundation partners with Senator Kennedy’s team and others to move the congress and major decision makers to allow FDA control of the single largest cause of preventable disease in the US, tobacco.

Oral Cancer Foundation named Best Small Cancer Non-Profit in the U.S.

The Oral Cancer Foundation was recently named the Top-Rated Cancer Fighter in the first ever Cancer Fighter Awards, presented by Great Non-Profits a non-profit oversight organization. More than 1200 US based cancer fighting organizations were considered in the selection process.

Actress Blythe Danner Receives Prestigious Award from NYU For Her Work With the Oral Cancer Foundation

In recognition for her many interviews in print and TV regarding oral cancer, early detection, and the role of the HPV virus, most of which showcased her painful loss of her husband director/producer Bruce Paltrow to the disease, the Tony and Emmy award-winning actress spread important information to the public. Her relationship with OCF has made her a prominent spokesperson for early detection programs, and awareness of HPV as a cause.

OCF founder Brian Hill Becomes the First Non-doctor Member of the American Academy of Oral Medicine.

After his keynote presentation to the membership on the importance of the dental community's involvement in early detection, presentation is made at a dinner gala event.

The Oral Cancer Foundation Partners with Proctor and Gamble, Wal-Mart, and others to Conduct Free Public Cancer Screenings in South Central Los Angeles.

Event gets publicity on ABC channel 7, numerous print media venues, and on the largest urban radio station in the US. More than 550 individuals in this underserved community get screened during a six-hour event. Seven are referred to USC medical center, who partnered with the foundation to provide the doctor/screeners, for follow up of potentially dangerous oral lesions.

OCF Founder Featured in Lance Armstrong Foundation Web Site, and in Newly Released LAF book – “LiveStrong, Stories of Survival”.

Brian Hill's personal journey and observations about the cancer experience are chronicled by the foundation that is headed by every survivor's champion. Interview becomes permanent part of the LiveStrong website, and a chapter in the LAF book.

After Surviving Oral Cancer, Emmy Nominated Actress Colleen Zenk Pinter Plays her Most Difficult Role on As The World Turns for OCF.

OCF Founder Brian Hill and actress convince TV shows’ producer to have her character develop oral cancer as part of the shows story line. For three months oral cancer is part of the 5 day a week show. Hill states that when you are a small, underfunded organization with a mission to raise national public awareness, you must be creative to achieve your goals. Pinter does associated TV morning show interview, and magazine interviews about the disease, the foundation, and her survivorship.

Hollywood’s Paltrow Family Establishes Partnership with The Oral Cancer Foundation

In memory of producer/director Bruce Paltrow, actress Blythe Danner, actress Gwyneth Paltrow, and director Jake Paltrow establish the Bruce Paltrow Oral Cancer Fund at OCF. Fund to concentrate efforts on areas of the US where disparities in healthcare exist. First fundraiser held at NYC home of writer producer Tom Fontana attracts several hundred entertainment industry elites.

OCF Issues First Research Grants to Dr. Maura Gillison @ Johns Hopkins (HPV), Dr. David Wong @ UCLA (salivary diagnostics), and Dr. Ann Gillenwater@ U of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (tissue fluorescence for screening)

Foundation begins to extend its reach from public awareness and patient support and advocacy into the world of research related to early detection of oral cancer.

OCF Director Brian Hill Keynote Speaker at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Prosthetics

Most of the dental community is still not familiar with a new viral etiology for the disease. OCF founder speaks on the changing demographics of the oral cancer population - how HPV16 is playing an increasing role. Hill’s presentation asks the specialists to reach out to their referring base to become engaged in the issue.

OCF Becomes Engaged with the CDC and FDA Regarding HPV Vaccine

OCF calls on the FDA to move rapidly to approve the vaccination of young boys with the cervical cancer vaccine, to reduce the pool of HPV16 in the US, and to reduce the potential for vaccinated boys to develop oral and head and neck cancers in the future. At CDC conference on vaccination, OCF the only representative speaking to the need for non-gender based vaccination policy. Effort wins approval from CDC for this recommendation. Pediatricians may now vaccinate boys without using the vaccine “off label”.

Oral Cancer Foundation Donates Screening Devices to Free Clinics

Foundation purchases tissue fluorescence based devices and distributes them to non-profit free clinics across the US. The first areas to receive the devices are in the Phoenix Native American Community, Appalachia West Virginia, and the Watts Community south of LA.

Emmy Nominated TV star Colleen Zenk-Pinter from As The World Turns Partners with the OCF

To spread the early detection saves lives message, on morning talks shows and magazine interviews after her battle with the disease, actress Colleen Zenk Pinter speaks about her painful treatment journey and the work of OCF. Giant Times Square electronic billboard carries image and story.

Oral Cancer Awareness Lands On Plymouth Rock -or- “Walk The Rock” Rocks! Passionate Hygienist Leads Effort to Raise Over $15,000 To Fight Oral Cancer.

The inaugural event for what will become numerous partnerships with the dental hygiene community across the country who embrace opportunistic oral cancer screenings and early detection during routine dental visits.

OCF partners with Midwest Dental for an Oral Cancer Screening Drive During April's Oral Cancer Awareness Week.

One of the largest dental groups in the US, the hundreds of offices that belong to Midwest choose to donate $20.00 from each screening conducted at all their member offices during the April OC Awareness month to the foundation. Just over 2,000 screenings take place, and thousands of dollars are raised for OCF during the four-week effort.

The Oral Cancer Foundation Receives the Prestigious Cushing Award 2007 from the Chicago Dental Society For Work in Public and Professional Awareness of Oral Cancer.

OCF founder addresses the members of the American Academy of Prosthetics at their annual meeting in San Francisco.

Brian Hill discusses the changing demographics of the oral cancer population and the impact of the HPV virus.

OCF Partners with Bristol-Myers Squibb, Ogilvy Public Relations, and Actress Blythe Danner, To Spread Oral Cancer Awareness.

TV and print media tour addresses the need for early detection and public awareness of oral cancer. Shows and print media include Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, and People Magazine.

NYU College of Dentistry Partners with OCF for Their First Annual "Walk for Awareness" in Harlem.

$20,000 is raised for the foundation's work, free public screenings are conducted, and the message of early detection is promoted by OCF event partner ABC-TV. (This event is now in its 5th year.)

Heartland Dental Care Kicks Off Charity Drive to Benefit OCF.

HDC is the second largest group practice in the US. Composed of hundreds of dental offices, their drive to increase screenings raises over $30,000 for the foundation’s work.

OCF Partners with Proctor and Gamble, Wal-Mart, USC School of Dentistry, and others to offer free public screenings

OCF Founder Featured in Lance Armstrong Foundation Web Site, and in Newly Released LAF book – “LiveStrong, Stories of Survival”.

Brian Hill's personal journey and observations about the cancer experience are chronicled by the foundation that is headed by every survivor's champion. Interview becomes permanent part of the LiveStrong website, and a chapter in the LAF book.

Oral Cancer Advocate Receives Prestigious Public Service Award from New York University at Madison Square Garden.

Brian Hill receives the prestigious Strusser Memorial Award for his efforts at the Oral Cancer Foundation from long time oral cancer advocate, Dean (now Vice-Chancellor) Michael Alfano. Hill addresses graduating class after

Oral Cancer Advocate and OCF founder, Brian Hill Receives Prestigious Award from the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research for Excellence in Public Service at the National Press Club.

For his many efforts and innovative use of both traditional and new media, Hill receives award for innovative public service announcements that have received tens of millions of viewer impressions on TV stations across the nation.

OCF Teams with Tony and Emmy Winning Actress Blythe Danner to Produce National TV Public Service Announcement.

Ms. Danner speaks of the recent death of her husband director/producer Bruce Paltrow to oral cancer, and early detection of the disease. In a three month run on numerous TV stations across the US, the PSA receives 34 million viewer impressions.

OCF Teams with 3-time Emmy Winner Jack Klugman to Talk About the Early Detection of Oral Cancer on National TV Spots.

Klugman speaks of his tobacco use and how early detection saved his life. The TV public service announcement runs for 90 days by TV stations across the US, and receives 32 million viewer impressions. CNN plays the 60-second message in expensive daytime slots during the Larry King show, and Lou Dobbs Report pro bono.

World Health Organization (WHO) chooses OCF Founder Brian Hill to be Keynote Speaker at World Conference on Oral Cancer held in Crete.

The foundation’s message goes global.

Dental Abstracts Magazine Features Editorial by OCF Founder Brian Hill on the Value of Early Detection.

Article is a showcase of the responsibilities of the dental community in early discovery of disease, and a call to action for the individual dentist.